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Dallas Phantasm - "Great Wall of Dallas" Installation

I give you “The Great Wall of Dallas.” This is the art installation I exhibited at my first art show, PHANTASM, on January 31st, 2013 at the Basement in Oak Cliff, TX. It’s a collection of photos that I shot of significant people that live in the city of Dallas. They group consists of musicians, fashion designers, graphic designers, food critics, socialites and more. || Read more »


This here video is a little something I put together for, my good friends, The Barajas Brothers. There’s three of ‘em, Sal, migL (of Dallas PHANTASM fame) and Markos. And they are all pretty well know around here for their Bboying accolades.

This video is to serve as a video invitation and explanation for the event taking place in March. Read all about it here.


I’m excited to announce that I am having my first-ever art show in collaboration with the talented miGl Barjas and Penny Kim. The show will include acrylic paintings and photography from the previously mention as well as a headshot project by myself. See the press release  || Read more »


Ok, so they aren’t quite here for everyone yet. But Twitter Photo Filters should begin rolling out to everyone’s iPhone and Android Twitter clients soon. It’s very peculiar that this update would roll out so soon after a couple weeks of e-beef between Twitter and Instagram|| Read more »


That’s right. The chaotic Dallas crowd at Palladium Ballroom got a treat last Thursday night when the entire Odd Future crew (minus Frank Ocean) sprung Oldie on us. According to Tyler, this was only the third time this track has been performed live. I was lucky enough to have a front-row seat (ok, I was standing on the side) for the action.

Thanks to DJ Niro for that VIP Donut sticker! Right place. Right Time. A very rare moment, indeed.


New MySpace and Instagram Photo Integration

As a beta user of the NewMyspace it’s my duty to try (and try to break) their bold new social network/music service. Last night, while creating a new mixtape on the New MySpace, I dreamt up the following idea and posted it to their feedback forum:

“Hi New MySpace,

Ok, I know I am jumping the gun with this specific idea since you guys obviously haven’t implemented any type of photo import as of yet. So bear with me a bit as I explain my desire and reason for it.

Last night I decided it was time to really start playing with the Mix feature. I made a Mix of my favorite songs from 2012, there were lots of good ones. As I played more I started adding photos. I thought it would be cool to include a bunch of my favorite photos from 2012 to the mix.

First, I started adding from my computer. This quickly became too daunting of a hunt, so I moved on to scraping off of Facebook and re-uploading to New MySpace. This was better but still not great. The photos were all different sizes and it just seemed really rigged. Next, I went to my Instagram feed (through the web-based I quickly realized that these were my collectively my favorite photos from 2012.

Not only were my Instagram photos all in one place, but most reminded me of good memories AND they were all the same size. See, while Instagram is great for capturing these good memories it’s only for a fleeting moment. The chances of you reliving that moment are pretty rare.

Just what if New MySpace gave us a way to import these photos to a Mix or album based on date range or event/hashtag? How cool would it be to import all of your concert photos from the year, or even one concert, to a Mix with that artist?

The idea of including photos with a Mix is already a good one. It adds a layer to your sensory experience. But being able to tag and import photos based on relevance would be the killer app. IMHO, of course.

Pretty Please? Thanks!”

With Instagram and Twitter beefin’ again, this could be an impossible ask. Or, just maybe, Instagram is looking for new friends. Till’ then, I’ll stay dreaming.

Please go and vote this idea up so that we can make this dream a reality.

Update: apparently it’s impossible to permalink an idea at the moment so you will have to go here, click “Feedback” and search “Instagram” to find it. Thank You!

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